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Pultruded Grating

Quartzgrip Pultruded Fibreglass grating is specially fabricated for applications that call for high strength and large span. Manufactured with a high glass fibre content of around 55%  this high proportion of glass fibre to resin ratio is the key contributor to grating’s strength.

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The pultrusion process utilized in the manufacturing of pultruded fiberglass grating and structural shapes is a continuous and automated process where continuous fiberglass rovings and mat are pulled through guides, a resin bath and pre-formers, then wrapped with a synthetic veil before being pulled through a heated die. The individual components of pultruded fiberglass grating – load bars and each piece of the two piece tie-bar are pultruded separately.

Load bars are then cut to specified lengths as they exit the machine. They are drilled at 6” or 12” centres for tie-bar insertion. Once the bars have been drilled they are spaced proportionately for the width of the panel at 3 ft, 4 ft or 5 ft. The two piece locking tie bar assemblies are then inserted creating multiple bonded intersections of load bars and tie bars, thus providing the security of both a mechanically locked and bonded connection. The final step in the process is to seal the cross bars and holes with corrosion resistant epoxy resin.