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Mini Mesh Grating

Quartzgrip™ Fibreglass Marina Decking is a modern alternative to conventional timber, steel or plastic decking surfaces. Fibreglass Marina Decking is ideally suited for Access Bridges, Berthing Stations, Yacht Harbours, Sailing Clubs, Marinas, Tidal Brows, Jetties, Floating Pontoons, Gangways, & Re-Fuelling Jetties, in either new-build or refurbishment projects. 

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Quartzgrip™ Marina Decking has been successfully installed in both inland and coastal environments.

The integral gritted non-slip surface provides exceptional traction, which has been tested in accordance with BS 7976-2 (Co-Efficient of Friction Test) and has been proven to provide an excellent level of slip-resistance particularly in wet and oily conditions.
The Gritted surface also provides exceptional traction on walkways subject to tidal inclines, and is algae and moss resistant.